Secure cash
management system

The solution for your pharmacy
or parapharmacy

Transactions in pharmacies can vary greatly in amount as we may find ourselves with low-cost prescriptions for medicines, as well as high-cost parapharmacy or cosmetic products. Likewise, one of the main characteristics of the pharmaceutical system is the payment to suppliers, making the use of the € 50 note essential for such payments. With CashKeeper’s proposed set up, we combine total versatility in the coin module with the recycling of the four banknotes, which are so necessary for change and supplier payments. The amounts charged in pharmacies can vary greatly, as we can find low, medium or high price medicines, such as parapharmacy or cosmetic products, for example.

Cashkeeper provides full cash management, both for coins and for the four types of banknotes so necessary for change and payments to suppliers.

Banknote collection in a closed module. No one sees or touches the money.

Accepts and verifies all banknotes, including that of € 500.

Other recommended device configurations

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Zeus Sigma

Apolo Sigma